How We
Came To Be

Fascin8 started as the internal Digital Marketing arm of Cr8v Web Solutions, Inc. back in 2014. Cr8v has never had any tri-media marketing, and it was Fascin8’s objective to market Cr8v across digital channels to create awareness, boost conversions and increase sales.

Over the months, we have dedicated our efforts in bringing in more clients for Cr8v. In the process, we have studied and developed the best practices to create the most effective digital strategies. We have assembled a team of Digital Strategists and Digital Marketing Engineers who are excellent in delivering real results.

As Cr8v grew, clients started asking if we can be able to do for them what we’ve done for Cr8v. We started expanding and have helped many companies accomplish their goals through the power of Digital Marketing.

Cr8v is now a strategic partnership of four subsidiaries with specialized core competencies, and Fascin8 stands strong as the Digital Marketing and Advertising group. Combined, all of Cr8v’s groups deliver synergistic solutions that address the different demands of business.

What Drives Us

What Drives Us

Our vision is to be the best Digital Marketing and Advertising provider in the world.

We are passionate with what we do and we strive every day to break boundaries. We are committed problem-solvers and we work hard to deliver the solution that you need to succeed. In turn, this fuels our creativity and innovation, which allows us to bring something new for you at every step we take.

We’ve been successful with our Digital Marketing campaigns, and we believe that we can bring the same path to success to you.

What We Do

What We Do

Fascin8 is an end-to-end provider of full-range Digital Marketing campaigns that concentrate on helping businesses meet their marketing objectives and their sales goals.

Everything we do for you is built around you and your needs because we take your requirements to heart.

From small steps to major leaps, we have kept our sights on ensuring quality service and client satisfaction. We want businesses to embrace the value of Digital Marketing and understand why it should be a part of their core strategies.

And as they grow, so do we.